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Fire took my mother, fire took my dad

Fire took my sister, the only one that I ever had

Fire took my cousins, fire took my friends

Fire took my chickens too, fire took you

Now I’m left alone with Somalia, Ethiopia and Sudan

I’m left alone with starving people, just me and my two hands

I’m left alone with China and the whole of South America

I’m left alone with some fascists too, left alone without you

Gonna buy myself a weapon, gonna buy myself a boat

Gonna buy myself a mountain, gonna buy myself a coat

Gonna buy myself a reason, gonna buy myself some dope

Gonna give myself a light, gonna burn myself alive

Fire took the furnace and it’s getting kinda cold in here

Rain won’t take that fire away, it’s never gonna disappear

Fire took my family, fire took my world

Fire took the zoo, fire take me too

Pieter-Jan De Smet, 1993